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“None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.”
Henry David Thoreau


Little snow, big smiles!

Big White Skin Nov 30Just like Europe, we also need some more snow here in British Columbia. However, select areas have decent coverage for skate Sovereign Dec 15skiing and the first outings on backcountry skis (no powder though). We are hoping for a big dump of the white fluffy stuff but in the meantime, we are lucky to have all those options in our backyard. The season has started and I can’t wait for many km’s on the trails this winter!

Is summer over?

Mt Fosthall in the MonasheesIt has been great to explore more of the trails in BC and beyond. I am still hoping for maybe another overnight trip! With lightweight backpacking gear and more experience packing (and reducing weight!) it has been wonderful to explore remote places.

Unfortunately my plans for 2 weeks on the PCT had to be changed due to large wildfires in Washington in July. But the three days in Manning Park with Keyla were strenuous and rewarding. There’s something refreshing about being out in the wilderness by yourself! A bucket list item was crossed off the list when I summited Mount Fosthall in the Monashees in a solo, 3-day trip. What a scramble to the top but so worth it! Pictures can be enjoyed here …

Other explorations took us up Spion Kop (Lake Country), Browne Lake (near Nordic ski area) and to Buchan Bay (Okanagan Mountain Park) overnight. Now I’m ready for snow!!


Narrow roads anybody?

I found a few more video gems from our Norway trip. Despite being used to European-style driving, the narrow roads and especially tunnels in Norway did take a lot of concentration! Check out this video of a typical tunnel on a secondary road (some bigger ones do have lights and actually space for two cars!) – yep you just have to pray nobody is coming around the corner fast :)

This second video shows the descent on the famous Trollstigen. Not a lot of room but surprisingly, no accidents or even scrapes. We even saw road bikers and a tour bus navigating this!

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