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“None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.”
Henry David Thoreau


Seems like we skipped the spring …

From the end of skiing season, straight into summer! The temperatures have been around 25 to 28 degrees, sometimes even more. Somehow it feels like this will be a hot and dry summer, with many wildfires. Let’s hope for the best!

ironman in trainingGood news is that the lake is ready for our morning swims. I have swallowed enough chlorinated pool water in the last few months and can’t wait to swim straight without turning every 25 m!

Besides that, “in training” pretty much sums up most of my free time. Only two months until the big day – I’m looking forward to it! New pictures from our latest cycling adventures will be posted soon …

Back from Bend

If you have never visited Bend, Oregon, put it near the top of your list. It is a fantastic place to visit. Take my word for it. If you like hiking, skiing, running, paddling, walking on lava or just scrambling up a steep mountain or admiring a waterfall, it’s a must-see for you. I’m not a mountainbiker but I hear it’s paradise for adventures on two knobby wheels as well. Oh, and lots of coffee shops and breweries. One of them even makes a dog beer! (sadly, I didn’t make it there; my dog is still mad for not getting a chance to try it …).Tumalo Mountain

Want proof? Check out the pictures.

Staying in the old historic district right next to downtown, I had everything important in walking distance. Coffee shop, raw/vegan smoothie store, brewery and pub, REI, the river, trails, bakeries. One of the fantastic places I wish every city would have is the vegan fast food joint Next Level Burger. I’m seriously considering bringing this to Canada … it tasted amazing and I’m still missing the vegan milkshakes! Delicious and plant-based is possible.

Go and visit. You won’t regret it. I heard they even have open water swim events in the summer. Until the lakes warm up, the local Masters group is a fun place to maintain your swim training.

Winter 2015

Ski dog… or what this is supposed to be, since it for sure hasn’t been a regular winter! We had a bunch of snow in January but nothing white has really come down since. The xc ski trails are slowly melting away, and we are getting close to the end of a ski season that usually extends into April. Strange!

Maybe fittingly, I focused a bit more on trail running through the winter and completed the Orcas Island Ski January 31 Nordic50km race at the beginning of February. Check this awesome video … giving you an idea of the wet and steep course! With plenty of vertical climbing on skis and the treadmill under the belt, the vertical was
manageable but the muddy conditions made it rather challenging.

So it is time to get the road bike out and start training for Ironman Whistler in July 2015 …


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