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“None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.”
Henry David Thoreau


Is summer over?

Mt Fosthall in the MonasheesIt has been great to explore more of the trails in BC and beyond. I am still hoping for maybe another overnight trip! With lightweight backpacking gear and more experience packing (and reducing weight!) it has been wonderful to explore remote places.

Unfortunately my plans for 2 weeks on the PCT had to be changed due to large wildfires in Washington in July. But the three days in Manning Park with Keyla were strenuous and rewarding. There’s something refreshing about being out in the wilderness by yourself! A bucket list item was crossed off the list when I summited Mount Fosthall in the Monashees in a solo, 3-day trip. What a scramble to the top but so worth it! Pictures can be enjoyed here …

Other explorations took us up Spion Kop (Lake Country), Browne Lake (near Nordic ski area) and to Buchan Bay (Okanagan Mountain Park) overnight. Now I’m ready for snow!!


Narrow roads anybody?

I found a few more video gems from our Norway trip. Despite being used to European-style driving, the narrow roads and especially tunnels in Norway did take a lot of concentration! Check out this video of a typical tunnel on a secondary road (some bigger ones do have lights and actually space for two cars!) – yep you just have to pray nobody is coming around the corner fast :)

This second video shows the descent on the famous Trollstigen. Not a lot of room but surprisingly, no accidents or even scrapes. We even saw road bikers and a tour bus navigating this!

The big trip to Norway

Cabin on Ringvassoya

Cabin on Ringvassoya

Apologies it has taken a while to get all the Norway photos online. It was a big trip, created many memories and many many photos. A selection of the best is now online in the Gallery!

Hike near Tromso

Hike near Tromso

We had an amazing time! Our first week in Tromso – where the sun never sets – was amazing (check out this video from the Midnight Sun Marathon there, taken approximately 11:30pm on June 21). Stine and Otto, our new friends, were wonderful hosts who shared their cooking skills and cabin on an outer island with us. I just wish I could have spent the whole summer at this “cabin” (I am using this word loosely as it is more of a supernice home than a cabin in the Canadian sense!).


Nyhavn – Copenhagen

After short stopovers in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, we started exploring the fjords and mountains of Norway. It was wonderful to have my parents join us for a week, first in a royal vacation rental in Beitostolen (I think we counted 20 beds in 5 bedrooms and with 3 big bathrooms) and then in Bergen for two days. When they left for home, we continued with hikes and exploration all over central Norway. We learned that Norwegians don’t think much of actual hiking trails … they just paint red “T’s” on rocks and scramble straight up any mountain. Hiking highlights were the popular Besseggen Ridge Trail, the hike up Saksaklepp with nobody else around, and our hike with Stine and Otto near Tromso. We also took the Flamsbana from Flåm to Myrdal and back.

View over Lofthus/Ullensvang

View of Lofthus

While some fjords get a lot of cruise ship traffic, we enjoyed the smaller and lonelier experiences. For example, relaxation comes easy in Bjørke, a small village at the end of the road. The scenery was gorgeous everywhere but the Sognefjellet, Norangsdal valley and Hardangervidda stand out (check out the pictures). We also had a great time catching up with Sissel and Scott in Oslo. What a perfect city for xc ski enthusiasts! Everywhere we went, the far advanced bike culture in Europe was evident (maybe most of all in Malmø on our last day, on a city tour with Steve).


If you get a chance, go to Norway.



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